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INNOVATIVE Journaling is a marketplace devoted to scribblers around the world.

Our community is our backbone—the novelists, the creatives, the entrepreneurs, the misfits, the thinkers—all who bravely use our books as a means of self-expression.

Writers use our journals to unearth the thing they can’t find anywhere else: themselves.


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Your journaling practice starts here

There is no perfect place or day to start your journaling journey.

Too often we get caught in the wave of our everyday hectic schedules and we lose ourselves. We forget to explore who we are and ask the important questions.

But we should. We must. Because miracles happen when we write.

And it doesn’t matter if you call yourself a writer, or if you’re spelling is garbage. The conditions will never be perfect, but the act of participating in this beautiful and mysterious dialogue is.

So instead of spending yet another night lying and worrying in bed, grab your journal, and get started. We’ll be here to help you along the way.

My story starts with a murder...

Twenty years ago, my best friend was killed.

I remember the exact moment the news sunk in. A heavy, iron gate closed over my heart. Everything that made me me, shut down.

I’d always been a writer—an avid journaler, a man who could express himself best through scribblings on a page—but this? This was too much.

When I lost Jenny, I lost my words.

It would feel like a lifetime before I found them again.

While working as a painter, many years later, the urge to write came back. The gate opening as swiftly as it had closed. I rushed home, only to find my previous journals inadequate to hold the words I wanted to shout.

I needed something different. Something fresh. Something mine.

For weeks after, I spend every night sitting in the aisles of Barnes & Noble, pouring over books about how to make books. I researched suppliers, falling in love with Arches Paper, a French brand that’s existed since the days Columbus discovered America.

Creating this first journal brought me back to life.

When it was finished, my words came back. This journals wasn’t just a vessel, it was the tool I used to meet myself.

Today, my mission is to expand your journal-writing practice. To introduce you to the vibrant conversation you can only have with yourself. To redefine journaling as a personal path to power.

Our practice should be as unique and individual as we are, yes?

The good news is, it all starts with a blank page.

What do you write about? Where do your journal? At what time of day? For how long? I love hearing stories of others who’ve found themselves through journalling. Email me at and share yours.


-       Arthur Scharf, Founder of INNOVATIVE Journalling

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