Creative moments are like flashes of lightning in a night sky. No writer can predict when the opening words of a story may come to her, no artist can guess what might spark his Mona Lisa and no musician can contain the flow of a song lyric. Our hand-crafted leather journals empower you to be ready when your creative moments happen , preparing you to catch lightning in a bottle - or on a page.

Innovative Journals

Where the Story Has No End

No relationship is quite like the one a writer shares with the blank page. Build, nurture and protect yours inside a timeless, hand-stitched leather journal. The pages refill so the end of every story is always the beginning of the next.

daVinci Journals

Inspiration Has to Go Somewhere

Whether sitting on a crowded bus, headphones blasting, or taking a quiet walk in the woods, artists need a place to put their pencil when inspiration strikes. Immortalize every stroke on the pages of the artisan-made journal daVinci would've kept under his arm.

Soul Journals

Just a Pocket Away

It's often on those spur-of-the moment trips and unplanned adventures where imagination finds a home. With our perfect sized Soul Journal, artists and writers have pages at the ready for the next half-thought or unfinished sentence that leads to a masterpiece.


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The Gift of Craftsmanship

The hardest part of any journey is knowing it has to end. That's why our journals, bags and book covers are built to last, so blank pages are always there to be filled and stories can always be continued.

All supplies are crafted in our studio using the highest quality leather, ensuring each item is as functional as it is reliable. Every fold and stitch is the work of a highly skilled artisan using age-old crafting techniques to produce a truly one-of-a-kind item designed to stand the test of time.

Even if Your Dog Eats It

Rest assured that if your book or bag gets run over, damaged while fending off a masked opportunist or your controlling canine sinks their teeth into it... WE GOT YOU COVERED.

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