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When driving the road of life
sometimes our dogs just like to take the wheel.



Rest assured that if your book or bag gets run over, damaged while fending off a masked opportunist or your controlling canine sinks their teeth into it... WE GOT YOU COVERED.

Guaranteed for Life, Even if your Dog Eats It.
All you pay is shipping both ways.

Read the fine print in the big letters below for more details

CUSTOM BOOK COVERS:  We guarantee that your fit will be perfect if you have measured the book yourself and did not use dimensions you got off the internet, from a catalog or a friend who doesn't know how to use a ruler.  If you were in error and the cover was made too large then we charge $10 to refit it for you.  You pay shipping both ways.  If you were in error and the cover is too small, keep it and we will make a new one with the correct dimensions for a 50% discount.  If we are in error then send us a painful email, tell the world on social media and then tell us so we can send you a return label to correct our error or... sometimes we'll just let you keep the cover and make you a new one for free.  If you feel more comfortable sending us the book after you place your order then that costs $10 also and if we like the book, we'll keep it.

JOURNALS: If your journal falls apart send it to us and we will fix it.  You pay shipping both ways.  If your dog destroyed it then just send us a pic of your journal and your dog so we can hang it's picture in our local post office under the heading, Leather Eating Canine.  In the event of a dog eaten book, we do not guarantee the destruction of your words on the paper.  We guarantee the thread and cord of all our journals but do not guarantee bead breakage on the Innovative Journals because they work without the bead/s.

BAGS:  If something breaks on your bag send it to us and we will fix or replace or improve it for free.  You pay shipping both ways.

IF YOU REALLY DON'T LIKE SOMETHING:  Then tell us.  We'll either work it out or give you your money back.  But don't use the thing for 6 months and then decide you don't like it.  We refund returns in NEW condition only.

WHAT IF MY ITEM IS PERSONALIZED:  No returns on Patched or Personalized items.

HEY... just kidding about keeping your book.

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