Mark Twain said,
"the two most important days of your life are the day you’re born and the day you find out why."
Discovering your “why” starts with you meeting yourself, on a blank page.
Our hand-crafted leather journals are just that! More than just a book, they are a place where you meet yourself... capture, revisit and build on your goals well beyond the day you discover your why. Find one that is the perfect size, paper, funtionality and, most importantly, the one which fits your personality.

A Conversation with Yourself

Why Journal?

Having goals isn't the challenge--acheiving them often is. Once we figure out our "why" we need to figure out Exactly what it is we want. Writing makes us exact and brings thoughts and ideas from that virtual space into the real physical world. Consider doing that than in a journal that is real, physical and fits your exclusive individuality.

Bags to Carry your Stuff and your Stories

Tailored for Achievement

What we write says as much about us as what we write in. So does what we carry. Our Italian leather bags are not only built to last, they are built to inspire and to capture the marks of our many achievements in the scratches and patina of their leather. Their story starts in the Italian Alps where the leather is tanned.
Whatever your story, your bag should be worthy of
You, Your Carry and your Life's Achievements.


Unique to Your Goals

What if you prefer to write in something different, perhaps generic? Retain the essence of inspiration with a cover as unique as your goals. Whether you use a Moleskine® or generic Composition Book, you can cover it with something to express your Individuality. And, our covers can make you more organized with their ability to hold more than 1 refill at a time with a unique Solomon's Knot construction. Our covers will not only fit your Unique and Individual style, they are a perfect fit for your ambitions.


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The Gift of Craftsmanship

The hardest part of any journey is knowing it has to end. That's why our journals, bags and book covers are built to last, so blank pages are always there to be filled and stories can always be continued.

All supplies are crafted in our studio using the highest quality leather, ensuring each item is as functional as it is reliable. Every fold and stitch is the work of a highly skilled artisan using age-old crafting techniques to produce a truly one-of-a-kind item designed to stand the test of time.

Even if Your Dog Eats It

Rest assured that if your book or bag gets run over, damaged while fending off a masked opportunist or your controlling canine sinks their teeth into it... WE GOT YOU COVERED.

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