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$97 Bags

  • Breakaway Bag with the removable shoulder strap attached

    The Breakaway Bag is a smaller grab and go bag with a flexible modular design that can be carried separately or with the  Bare Essentials Analog Bag with a closure strap.  It's overall size is 11w x 7h x 2.5d...

  • Black leather

    This grab and go bag is a simple and basic high quality full grain leather bag available in 2 leather colors... Rustic Brown or Black.  It is a lightweight leather bag you can use to carry your essential writing and...

  • Leather messenger bag

    This Classic messenger bag is our most essential bag.  Made with our soft and incredibly durable full grain Italian leather.  And with our Guarantee, this classic messenger bag is sure to last your lifetime. This...

  • 4 Piece Bag

    The 4 Piece Bag is patterned after our popular iPad/Tablet Messenger Bag only it's $200 less cost.That's because we just simplified it by making it's overall construction just 4 pieces of leather, not counting the shoulder...


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