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Epic INNOVATIVE Refillable Jounals

Ranging from the pocket sized Companion to something Leonardo daVinci would have carried under his arm, our refillable journals are the most unique and innovative journals you will ever use. Because each refill is individually removable, they are like several journals in one. This allows you to better organize your thoughts and the things you connect with.


The EPIC Line of Innovative Journals is leather lined, available in 4 sizes, 5 different color configurations, 4 closure styles, 2 or 4 individually removable refills and 80 or 160 pages.


Our ESSENTIAL Line is coming very soon.  It is a rock solid, rough and tough Innovative Journal and the one Arthur has used for over 4 years because of it's simplicity and Innovative functionality over other journals.  It will be available in 4 sizes with 2 individually removable refills and 80 pages.

We are making it available initially thru our Father's Day Special.  Just click the link on the bar at the bottom of this page to see more and the special we have for them right now.



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