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Limited Editions

Are you looking for something a little more unique?

Our Limited Edition line is created from rare materials accompanied by an artist's vision for them.
The journals are all leather lined and given the best cuts of the leather hides we cut from, when available.

Sometimes only a few of an item are available and at other times, a bit more.  Once gone, they are gone.  So don't wait to complete a purchase of one of these because it may be gone when you return.

Because of their unique nature, our Limited Edition items are not available for discounts or coupon codes ever.

  • Halloween Journal

    Like new clothes, a new bag or a new book to read can inspire and invigorate your life, our Halloween Journal was made to Master That by inspiring and helping to create serendipity in your  journaling practice. Our...

  • Elemental Journal

    INTRODUCING... Elemental Journals. These unique journals combine Leather, Metal and European papers into a Modular Journal with 2 individually removable refills (included).  Available in 5 sizes, they are simple, unique...

  • DarkHeart

    Leather Lined with our buttery Montblanc Black leather in 3 sizes and your choice of 3 European papers.  This Limited Edition refillable journal is meant to draw out and release the power of what is dark inside of you...

  • NightWriter

    OUT OF STOCK.  See our other Limited Editions and come back often.  You never know when we will make a few of something that you will really like. Soft Dark Indigo leather from Italy and a Sterling Silver bar from...

  • Book of Shadows

    The Book of Shadows is a Generational book used for Family memories, Spells or whatever you want remembered and passed down thru time.It is made to be passed down from generation to generation.That's because we use Italian...


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