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Like dogs, our journals willingly and lovingly follow us around, always ready connect and interact with us.
They are selfless companions which give us a lot and ask little in return.  One thing they do like is to go places.

Below are some spaces and places some of the journals of this world have been along with a short story from their owners about how the two connect together.  We hope this will inspire you to travel more and connect more often in new and different ways with your faithful and loving companion.

If you would like to post a picture and short story on this page to inspire the unseen others then just send us your pic and story HERE?

Sometimes in life there are things that just need to be written down... Being a member of the military, those moments span the spectrum of emotions. Some of the best moments of my life have happened in that uniform, but with the duality that all too often accompanies life, so have some of the hardest. I have a small passport size journal that I carry in my back pocket everywhere I go. I know that no matter where my day brings me, my words will survive.
I took this a few minutes after I read your email. I got out my journal (inside is my Esterbrook LJ, which JUST barely fits inside the pocket if I angle it) and decided to take a picture before writing out a journal entry today. I don't write journal entries every day, more often I use the journal for my short fiction stories, which come and go as inspiration strikes. So the blue book is full of half-written stories that I start on paper and finish on computer, but at least I always have something with me to write when the itch hits.
The French are known for the food, the art and ah, yes, the wine…Sadly, events of Friday have the country in the news for anything but beauty, only tragedy.  My pocket journal, however, captures the thoughts, stories and flavors that come from a wonderfully prepared French meal …and the prep, the execution and sense of community that comes along with it…How to capture a moment is in the adjectives and thoughts jotted in my journal…Give me fine food, a good skillet and a sharp knife, a fine fountain pen and a journal—it’s a good day!
I want you to know how much I have enjoyed my tiny journal and my new pouch. I am using them together to make up my traveling watercolor journaling kit for all my outings whether I am going to the coffee shop or on a hike. It is wonderful to be able to have the smell and tactile experience of real leather products instead of plastic. Your tablet bag and large journal would send me "over the moon" and make my Christmas all the brighter. It is my passion to be able to recorded the joy I find in the simple beauty of God's nature each day. I have attached  photos from my camping trip to the Oregon coast last week.
The picture is not so good—the stories behind it are.  The cauliflower is from farmer’s son who grows heads as large as basketballs—the chicken from a small organic farm—and the mushrooms from a cute young couple trying to find their niche in the farm to table movement.  So where does the journal fit in…it fits in my back pocket on my sojourns, it has suggestions and recipes from the farmers themselves and yes, jottings of the conversations, the stories and the memories I have from my weekly jaunt to the farmer’s market…and the adventures found around every corner, every day….This is my portable journal—sometimes I capture musings in my home journal—but most of the time, it stands alone as my constant, daily companion!
Bella likes it when I go down to the water to write in my journal. She gets to chase lizards and I'm inspired by the surroundings. Here are some pics of us on the Inter-Coastal Waterway near Venice, Florida. Our favorite spot is quiet, shady and cozy. 

I'm often moved to write poetry here, but sometimes songs pop into my head and get jotted down in the amazing leather Journal you made for me.

I often take my iPad too, but writing with paper and pen cannot truly be duplicated on a digital device. And your leather journals and bags are such a joy to write in! 
My Renaissance Art bag in front of the Lennon Wall in Prague, shortly before it was painted over!
These were taken in Milan during one of my trips.  The bag at my feet is a Custom Laptop bag of yours, and I'm doing a watercolor is your Large Journal.
journals and pen cases…
always laying around the studio…
reminding me of projects, dimensions,
always ready to absorb feelings…
new project ideas…
Details of what I put in my journaling kit.  I keep a book journal for notes of what I am reading, a journal for recording spiritual insights and impressions, and another for recording the events of the day.  The pouch also holds my two favorite and perhaps a little travel worn pens just perfectly.

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