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      What Others are Saying
      Gsry D.
      Gsry D.
      Stars reviews Verified Purchase

      Great quality, quality hand stitching, property tanned leather and great paper. What more could you want? Keep these journals out of the rain and they will last a lifetime!

      Julie L. B.
      Julie L. B.
      Stars reviews Verified Purchase

      I got the large size in hopes my MacBook would fit inside with a couple pens, a file folder and my daily planner. It works and I am so pleased!

    Process & Materials

    While we are your Makers and you know exactly where your leather goods come from, it’s also important to know the source of the materials we use in making them for you. If you would like more info about our products and sources then let’s connect to discuss.


    Our Leather:

    We are soft leather experts and have developed proprietary techniques for working with softer Chrome tanned Italian leathers. 

    Unlike the stiffer, belt like, Vegetable tanned leathers, our leathers are soft right out of the box. Like the blue jeans you wear that only get softer and more comfortable with age, our leathers will immediately conform to your lifestyle and develop a great patina over time, making your life’s adventures more memorable and meaningful.

    Unbranded English Cow –Chrome/Oil tanned - Full Grain – Struck thru (dyed all the way thru the hide) Tanned in Italy – Unavailable anywhere else in the world.We worked with a 6th Generation tannery in Italy for 2 years to develop our proprietary leather.

    Click here to watch our video and learn more about our leather, where it comes from and why it’s some of the best leather in the world.

    Our Paper:

    We offer you a choice of 3 European, hand-torn papers: Arches Woven, Frankfurt White, and Frankfurt Creme. Arches is our Standard. The other 2 are Premium papers from Germany.

    Whether you write, draw or do both... using anything from a fountain pen to watercolor brushes, you will have the perfect paper.

    Pick one paper for your entire journal or pick a different paper for each refill.

    Our Standard paper is Arches Text Wove. The Frankfurt papers are our premium papers and while made more for fountain pens, work very well for water coloring too.

    Our papers are all 120gsm in weight which give them the body you will love.
    They will not feather or bleed with a fountain pen and are acid free. You can also watercolor on our papers. They take light and heavy washes well and will dry completely flat.

    And because you can write on both sides with any pen or pencil, it's like having twice the amount of usable pages you would have in a book with thinner paper.

    We also hand tear all of our papers from larger parent sheets to give you the rough, authentic and artisanal look and feel.

    Our Hardware:

    Our hardware is all low lead solid brass. Unlike Zinc, Solid brass is not only strong and patinas well but the low lead content complies with California safety standards.

    We have 2 finishes, Antique Brass and Nickel Matte and because we believe in building things the way you want them, we offer you the choice of hardware finish on all of our products. If you don’t see that choice then just ask us.

    We want your tools in life to match your individuality without compromise and inspire your life’s adventures.

    Tools and Machines We Use:

    Ever wonder how these things get made? Want to see the machines we use and how we make your stuff?

    Watch the growing number of videos we are making to show and teach exactly that.

    Learn more here