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      Gsry D.
      Gsry D.
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      Great quality, quality hand stitching, property tanned leather and great paper. What more could you want? Keep these journals out of the rain and they will last a lifetime!

      Julie L. B.
      Julie L. B.
      Stars reviews Verified Purchase

      I got the large size in hopes my MacBook would fit inside with a couple pens, a file folder and my daily planner. It works and I am so pleased!

    Patch Personalization

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    While everyone else out there offers simple initial or line personalization, we take it to the extreme with "Patching".  If you really want to show off your individuality and put your own personal and unique stamp on your item then "Patching" it is the way to go. 
    It all starts with a....

    • One of the most unique and personal ways to put a stamp on your leather journal or leather bag is with a sewn on Patch.  We call this form of personalization, "Patching" it.  It all starts with a leather Patch.

      That patch becomes your canvas on  which you can put initials, lines, symbols or any combination of the above.  The leather Patch will then be sewn onto your item.

      It's Unique... Personal and pretty cool looking too.  We put up some sample photos for you of what other people have done.  But don't stop there.  Check out our Personalization Gallery for even more ideas on how to Patch your item.

      The cost of the Patch is the beginning price.
      It doesn't matter how large or small it needs to be.
      We will correctly size the patch for whatever you put on it and so it looks good where it gets placed.

      So what can I put on my Patch?
      Initials, lines of text, one of the symbols we offer or a custom symbol or design.

      How many initials, spaces and lines?
      from 3 initials up to 3 full lines.
      Each full line is for 15 spaces but we allow up to 18 just in case you need a few more.

      What if my line is larger than 18 spaces?
      If that's the case then use 2 lines and in the Order Notes tell us how you would like it to read.  The line limit is for pricing purposes because doing this is a very manual and labor intense process meaning, the more text, the longer it takes us to pull it from the type drawer and set it up.

      How many initials, spaces and lines can I put on a Patch?
      Technically, as much as you want.
      But to keep things sane we allow 3 initials up to 3 full lines.
      If you need more than 3 lines then just contact us from the Contact page link at the bottom of this page.

      What if I just want a Symbol with no text?
      You can order all of this on the Symbol Personalization page by clicking HERE.

      Where will you put my Patch?
      Your Patch can go on the spine of your book or on the cover anywhere you like.  You can give artistic liberty or just make a note in the Order Notes box provided on this page.
      Our process is that if you leave not instructions, we will contact you with our suggestion of where to put it.
      There are some examples in the Product Photos above.

      We put in lots of pictures as examples but also take a look at the Personalization Tab above for some other ideas. And don't forget to click the Personalization Gallery link for even more inspiration.

      Watch the Product Video to see how we do Text Personalization on an item.

      If you are getting a journal or a cover and we make a bookmark for it,
      we will also place up to one line of personalization on your bookmark.
      You can see some examples of this in the product pictures.
      There is no additional charge for this.

      See the Options tab above for more details.

    • When ordering you can choose:

      INITIALS or LINES: from 3 Initials up to 3 Full Lines
      Just follow the drop down menus when ordering.
      They will display all your options based on your selections.

      Combine with SYMBOLS and PATCHES:
      You can can have your text "PATCHED" (put on a patch). It's in the options.
      If you would like to include a Symbol you can order that separately HERE.
      If you are concerned about placement, then just leave a note in the Order Notes box provided. We'll probably email you to confirm stuff.
      We are pretty serious about Personalizing your stuff.

      REMEMBER:    the leather PATCH is already Included in the cost.
      The only additional cost for this is how many line of text you would like to put on it.

    • There is no video available for this product at this time. Sorry.
      Checkout the Personalization tab above for more info and ideas on how to personalize your item.
    • Shipping:
      Our items are shipped with $9.95 flat rate shipping via USPS 1st class or Priority mail. Transit times are usually 2-3 days, counting Saturday but not Sunday.

      All of our items come with a 30-day hassle-free return policy.

      Read our full policy here.

      *Personalized and Custom items are not refundable.


      Read more about our guarantee here.

    • While we are your Makers and you know exactly where your leather goods come from, it’s also important to know the source of the materials we use in making them for you. If you would like more info about our products and sources then let’s connect to discuss.

      Italian Leather: Our Primary Ingredient

      Our Italian Leather

      We are soft leather experts and have developed proprietary techniques for working with softer Chrome tanned Italian leathers.

      Unlike the stiffer, belt like, Vegetable tanned leathers, our leathers are soft right out of the box. Like the blue jeans you wear that only get softer and more comfortable with age, our leathers will immediately conform to your lifestyle and develop a great patina over time, making your life’s adventures more memorable and meaningful.

      Unbranded English Cow –Chrome/Oil tanned - Full Grain – Struck thru (dyed all the way thru the hide) Tanned in Italy – Unavailable anywhere else in the world.We worked with a 6th Generation tannery in Italy for 2 years to develop our proprietary leather.

      View our Processes and Proprietary soft leather-working techniques

      Hand-torn European Fine Art & Writing papers

      European fine Paper

      We offer you a choice of 3 European, hand-torn papers: Arches Text Wove, Frankfurt White, and Frankfurt Creme.

      Whether you write, draw or do both... using anything from a fountain pen to watercolor brushes, you will have the perfect paper.

      Our Standard paper is Arches Text Wove. The Frankfurt papers are our premium papers and while made more for fountain pens, work very well for water coloring too.

      Our papers are all 120gsm in weight which give them the body you will love.
      They will not feather or bleed with a fountain pen and are acid free. You can also watercolor on our papers. They take light and heavy washes well and will dry completely flat.

      And because you can write on both sides with any pen or pencil, it's like having twice the amount of usable pages you would have in a book with thinner paper.

      We also hand tear all of our papers from larger parent sheets to give you the rough, authentic and artisanal look and feel.

      Solid Brass Hardware

      Threads and Cords

      Ancient and Hand-carved Beads


      The beads we use are anything but common.

      Some of our beads are over 300 years old. Others are individually hand carved. Some are and rustic and tribal in nature while others are more elegant.

      We use ancient African trade beads, Jade, Lapis, unpolished Tiger Eye, Jasper, Opal, solid bronze and Sterling Silver and are always adding to and changing out line.

      See our Machine Demos

    • Personalize Any Item

      If there’s one thing that really gets us off it’s making your item look totally cool and unique.

      And, when it comes to Personalizing your item, nothing gets more personal and unique.
      That’s why we offer so much more than just initials, a name or a short line of text.

      While it’s impossible to list all the creative and different ways we can personalize your book, bag or cover, we tried grouping them into the categories below. Any and all of these can be combined so if you need something special then contact us.

      Also, keep in mind that while we usually have standard placement for personalization, we can put it just about anywhere on your item at your request. There is no additional charge for that but you do need to tell us.

      See our Personalization Gallery for Ideas

      3 Initial, Full or Multi-line Personalization

      included in the ordering options for most journals and covers

      3 Initial Personalization... the simplest and most popular choice.

      If you get a cover or a journal with 3 Initial Personalization, at our discretion we will usually include a matching leather bookmark and will personalize it with the same 3 initials.

      Full or Multi-line Personalization includes up to 15 spaces, counting the spaces in between the words or name.

      But just in case you are really close, we let you fudge 20% more by letting you add up to 18 spaces. When entering your desired pesonalization please remember that what you enter is CaSE sEnseTIve.

      We can put more letters on a single line but if it goes over the space limit then it will need to be entered as an additional line and will be charged accordingly.


      We have a Unique & Growing collection of Symbols which we can put on your item.

      To see the full collection just click on the BUTTON below.
      When ordering a Symbol we give you the choice of adding up to 3 initials directly below it.

      Symbols can also be combined with a Patch but must be ordered separately.

      See Symbols Collection


      Leather Patches are one of the most Unique forms of personalization we know of and nobody that we know of does it.

      This is where we create a leather patch, put whatever you want on it… a Symbol, up to 3 full lines of type…. basically, whatever you would like, and sew the patch onto your item. Because setup on these can take a long time, we typically make at least 2 just in case we make a mistake. But we usually don’t so in that case we will either just give you the second one or sew it onto your bookmark (if it's included) and if it fits.

      Combinations & Variations:
      We can combine patches, Symbols, Single or Multi-line Personalization in whatever way/s you would like.

      There are near unlimited variations and we do our best to make your patch look as cool as possible.
      But if you have certain placement needs or desires then you can just let us know.

      See our Personalization Gallery for Ideas

      Custom Logos and Graphics

      If you have a logo or graphic you would like debossed into your item or on a patch then we can do that too.
      The max size is 5x2 inches. We send out to have a special metal die made which can be used over and over again.

      Custom Metal Casting

      beads, logos, findings and more...

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    Unique Personalization

    Initials, Multi Line, Symbols, Patches, Custom and more...

    See all your options HERE

    Get Personally Inspired

    See how others have personalized their items.

     See Personalization Gallery